Happy Birthday, Maria! 🎉

As we celebrate the day you grace the world with your presence, I have something special for you. A journey not just of miles, but of experiences. This year, your birthday will set the course for an adventure on the high seas, where the horizon is not the limit but just the beginning.

Your Exclusive Birthday Voyage:

May 4, 2024 - May 11, 2024

Set Sail for Adventure: The Loryma Cup Sailing Regatta awaits you, my love. With each wave and gust of wind, feel the thrill of competition and the joy of sailing amidst the beauty of Turkey’s coast.

Happy Birthday!
Forever yours, Paul 

The Loryma Cup Sailing Regatta is an event where Neptune himself would pause to admire.”

Your lovely captain

Captain Yulia is a spirited skipper with a hearty laugh and a gourmet’s palate. Her tales are as plentiful as her culinary conquests, and her bravery is legendary, steering through storms with unwavering resolve.

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